And so the quest will begin for that much coveted trophy The Achilles Cup, named in honour of Lord Herald Bruce Jones (you might recognize the name from way back in the early days of hockey when his career was cut short on November 21, 2000, the second night of action, when he received an injury to his Achilles tendon). Jones led all scorers with 5 goals on the opening night of hockey and continued that pace halfway through the second night before he was injured and then drove himself to the hospital.

The Achilles Cup is made of three things. The top in an antique silver candy bowl which was purchased from a downtown Halifax antique store for the price of 4 dollars. It was selected as the crown of the trophy because of its resemblance to the Stanley Cup, providing Champions with an opportunity to drink the victory nectar from it in a celebratory fashion.

The mid-section of the Achilles Cup is a wooden candle holder which used to belong to the ex-wife of one of our players. The flame on their marriage had obviously gone out and there was no need for him to keep the candle holder so instead of throwing it out, it was donated for the construction of the trophy and, by chance, allowed the candy bowl to sit perfectly inside of it (for the record, the candle holder was turned upside down, snuffing out all hope for it to be ever used for anything else but the trophy). The third component of the Cup is the base, which is made up of a nickel plated cooking pot lid that belonged to the sister of floor hockey organizer and builder of the Cup, Kelly Devoe. He claims she can't cook all that well anyway so she'll never miss it.

The final touch on the Achilles Cup is actually the most expensive part: the engraved plate that bears the trophy's name, costing $8.64, was attached to the wooden base to complete the coveted trophy. So at a value of $12.64, this championship prize blows the doors off any trophy you'll ever buy at a trophy shop that the little plastic men might crack off should you ever drop it on the floor. The Achilles Cup would bounce if you ever dropped it!

Recently we had to add another level to the trophy so we picked up a stock pot and added a steel cooking bowl as a new base to accommodate the names of more winners. Devoe has eluded to the fact that there is something hidden inside the Cup but only he and one other person knows about it. Right now, they're keeping that a secret but Devoe did say that it would be revealed one day in the future.

The Achilles Cup, held together with industrial strength glue, is as solid as anything out there. Its legacy is expected to live on forever.