The BALL STAR HOCKEY LEAGUE is respected in Halifax circles as a well run and organized league. Currently we play at the Lions Community Centre in Spryfield, NS. It's a non-contact league and everyone on the floor is considered a friend and treated with respect.


We've come a long way since November 14, 2000 when eight guys rented the school gym for a friendly game of floor hockey. Every Tuesday night for five years during the winter months we got together, threw our sticks into the centre of the floor, tossed half of them to one side and half to the other and decided how we would divide teams. Everyone brought a white t-shirt and a dark one and we changed accordingly. Our intention from day one was to make this a casual and fun display of sportsmanship and get a bit of exercise and make this the most fun ball hockey experience in Halifax.

The BALL STAR HOCKEY LEAGUE has six teams (Cyclones, Thunder, Hurricanes, Lightning, Blizzard and Tornados). Each team is outfitted with their own shirts featuring their unique logo and colours. Each team plays a 10 game regular schedule and a brief playoff round to compete for the ultimate prize: the Achilles Cup, a trophy which we built ourselves and is considered our Holy Grail.

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